Kryterion, Inc. offers professional associations and businesses a flexible, affordable and easy-to-use software solution for developing and delivering exams. Our industry-leading Webassessor™ platform empowers both clients and test takers with a solution that simplifies and automates test registration, payment, scheduling, item editing, reporting and more.

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2:50 PM – 3:30 PM EDT Building on Success: A Case for Using Certifications to Build a Competent Workforce


1:30 PM – 2:10 PM EDT Getting to Yes: Tools and Processes for Engaging and Educating Program Stakeholders

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How to Market Your Certification Program

Discover how do drive more test candidates to your certification program using innovative tactics for social media, email and content marketing. Grow your test volume by identifying, speaking to and satisfying the core desires motivating your candidates to get certified.

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A Psychometrician’s Guide to Smart Test Development

Smart Test Development refers to the knowledge, insights and 40+ years’ experience of the Kryterion Psychometrics Team as they share best practices and lessons learned working with dozens of credentialing programs in multiple industries. This Guide focuses on the first three steps of test development: Test Definition, Job Analysis and Test Blueprint.

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The Four Immutable Laws of Certification Success

This video presentation on the laws of certification success—and the consequences of ignoring them—reveals hard-won strategies and tactics for maximizing the impact of your first or next certification. Listen as Leslie Thomas, Ph.D., Kryterion’s Chief Psychometric Officer, explains how to use the four laws to create high quality, sustainable credentialing programs for less cost and in less time.

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Badges 101 with Kryterion and Accredible

Discover how digital certificates and badges strengthen customer relationships and amplify the success of credentialing programs. Innovative technology now delivers branded, secure and verifiable digital credentials while capitalizing on social sharing to introduce certification programs to whole new audiences.

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