Who Should Attend?

This conference is ideal for:

  • Test Developers, Publishers, and Sponsors
  • Test Security Professionals
  • Test Delivery Representatives
  • EdTech Professionals
  • Proctoring and Invigilation Professionals
  • Exam and Question Writers
  • Exam Owners
  • Awarding Organizations
  • Exam Regulators
  • EdTech investors
  • Program Managers, Marketing Professionals and Researchers responsible for supporting certification or licensure programs
  • Distance Learning Professionals
  • Users of Educational, Employment, Organizational, Psychological and Certification Tests and Assessments

  • Informational and Educational Technologists
  • Professional Staff of Credentialing Boards
  • Psychometricians
  • Companies and Associations Involved with Workforce Development and Assessment (Including non-traditional assessment for manufacturing and industrial)
  • Professionals interested in advancements in technology used to develop and deliver certification and licensure exams
  • Game Designers
  • Public Sector, such as:
    • Policy Makers
    • Regulators
    • Military
    • Intelligence Agencies
    • Government Departments
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